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This initiative is to bring awareness on the concept of waste management in India.

This initiative is to bring awareness on the concept of waste management in India. Due to improper waste segregation and disposal we are facing the evils such as air, soil and water pollution. It is just a shift in the perspective. Through this initiative, our aim is to save the waste from going to the landfills. The waste coming out of your home, office or industry will reach the recycler and by just doing that we can breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat healthy food and make the environment disease free.
We will guide you through simple steps for dry waste disposal to the recycler. Kindly see the presentation and video for information. We would like you to join in and register for free and every time you dispose the waste to recycler, all you need to do is enter the approximate amount of waste disposed each time. This way we will be able to collectively save tones of waste from going to the landfills as a large community.
Just the way we are responsible towards our belongings ,let’s be responsible towards the waste we produce.


Dry waste consists of paper, plastic, metal, glass, cardboxes , Styrofoam , cloth, construction material, e-waste etc.
Wet waste consists of kitchen waste and garden waste i.e vegetable and fruit peels, leaves, twigs, egg shells, meat , coconut shells etc.

It helps the environment as mixed waste disopsed in landfills emits methane gas which is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide and the main cause of air pollution. It also enables recycler to recyle waste if segregated properly.

Keep separate bins for dry and wet waste. It is very important to wash the food residue from the plastic , paper, styrofoam or aluminium foil for it to be recycled. It also does not leave any bad odour if you wash and dispose.

We can understand where this question is coming from as some plastic bags can be recycled but in most
cases single use plastics cannot be recycled. Plastics have grades , the higher grades get recycled and
come down in their gradation and at the end of it’s life it becomes non recyclable. That is the reason to
avoid plastic and opt for alternatives such as cloth bags for shopping, metal water bottles, Glassware/metalware in kitchen for storage, bamboo toothbrushes and earbuds, metal straws etc. Check with your recycler if he takes single use plastic for recycling as some recyclers shred it and use in laying roads.


It is the same as plastic bag. It has to be free from food stuff because if it gets soiled then it cannot be recycled. We recommend you to switch to alternatives as storing food in aluminium foil is also not considered healthy especially hot food as it leaches aluminium into food. If it is not recycled then it can take upto 500 yrs to decompose.

When the greased or containers with food items are thrown in the bin with recyclables , it soils the other items due to which the entire lot gets soiled and is unacceptable to the recycler and at the end it reaches the landfill. We understand it happens with the best of intentions but it requires practice and awareness.


Speak to your recycler first about what all he can collect. The basic things like used toothpaste, used earbuds, used cotton or home medical waste cannot be recycled.

We appreciate the initiative taken by your local bodies but it just takes a query to find out where your waste
is ultimately going. It may just be for the legal obligation that they are collecting separately but a lot of times it still ends up in the landfill. As a responsible citizen , it is your right to find out what is being done with your waste. If it is not being recycled then you must contact a local recycler as a community and once a week dispose the waste to him
rather than giving to the municipality.

Firstly, you are saving your waste from going to the landfill and saving the environment. Secondly, you will be contributing to the economy of this country by helping recycle your waste. Thirdly, you will be able to earn back the money by selling your waste to the recycler and help in maintainance of your community.

Firstly, look for a ragpicker, kabbadiwala in your area to collect the dry waste. If not, then you may google a recycling company and contact them for pick up.