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Light a lamp
Light a Lamp
To set up a platform for sharing knowledge,
experience, skills and resources.


Presently, holistic upliftment of children is the need of the hour given the grim reality. Nearly 3.9% of the total Indian child population is affected by child labour. Every year, about 25% of students from low-income families drop out for varied reasons. Only about 30% of low-income children in regular school have access to private schools or career counselling. 

Thus, Light a Lamp project was founded with the objective of elevating status quo of underprivileged children and youth present in Kolkata’s urban slums. With its wide outreach, the programme empowers underprivileged children through mentorship, education, yoga, and meditation. In a short span of time, it has positively impacted the lives of more than 1000 students coming from economically challenging backgrounds.


We leverage a pool of successful professionals from diverse backgrounds to provide mentorship and guidance to children and youth from low-income families in academic, professional, and emotional areas.


Art-Of-Living-Workshops-3 (1)Art-Of-Living-Workshops-3 (1)

Health and Spirituality

Since a majority of children in slums lack the right environment, Light a Lamp strives to reinforce the belief systems of its students. For which, it hosts hygiene classes, eye check-up camps and a variety of Art of Living courses that are well-known around the world.

Communication and Confidence

We groom students with effective English communication skills, leadership development and other soft skills. Further, we prepare them to meet expectations of growing opportunities rampantly created across sectors.

Logic and Rationality

Students are encouraged to accept logic-based subjects without fear. They are taught and encouraged to communicate based on observations, listening, analysis, reflection, and evaluation. For achieving this purpose, Maths and Science classes, basic computer skills and coding workshops are conducted on a regular basis.

Support a Child's Higher Education

Every child deserves an education, no matter the economic background. Further, every deserving child deserves an opportunity to step into the professional world as an equal. Many bright children from financially challenged backgrounds can only dream of going to college because it is considered a luxury that their parents cannot afford. Light a Lamp aims to help deserving students dream bigger by raising funds for their education.

Support an Orphanage's Essential Needs

One of Light a Lamp’s mentoring centres is a small orphanage for girls. Run by Bharat Sevashram, this Salt Lake-based centre has always had to operate with limited resources. The current pandemic-hit recession has hit them even harder. Light a Lamp has been successful to raise funds for 6 months of essential supplies. A consistent support for the healthy development of these girls could help them to study better and aim to become self-reliant.