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Art of Living has joined hands with BOSCH to run their flagship program BRIDGE in Bengaluru. 
BRIDGE enables unemployed youth with Basic Employability Skills Training, On-the-Job Training and Job Placement Assistance. 
Join our Artisan Foundation Course and become a certified Artisan. 
Gain both classroom and on-the-job training by experts on German inspired curriculum, with Bosch Power Tools. Build your soft skills, Technical and Business Skills. 
Online French Language Training Program There is a saying “To learn a language is to have one more window to look at the world!” So, grab the opportunity now and enrol for upcoming Online French Language Training Program and learn a brand new language in the next 3 months! Details of the Program: Dates: 2nd January onwards …
Basics of Stock Analysis and Investing SSRDP under the aegis of The Art of Living is conducting a course on: ~  Basics of Stock Analysis and Investing  ~ Starts: 2nd Batch- 04th Jan 2021.                       (MON, WED, FRI) 3rd Batch- 05th Jan 2021.                      (TUE, THU, SAT) Limited Seats. Admission: First come First Serve basis. Fees:  Rs.6500 INR. Duration:  8 Weeks. ELIGIBILITY: Age should be …