It is said that the fears vanish & hopes awaken when we listen to the first chirping and watch the sun dawning, every morning. How about bringing some little pieces of sun’s rays to every home, even at nights ! One such magic is created by our volunteers at the Art of Living Organisation, under SSRDP. The project named, ‘Light A Home’ is our limb where electricity is brought to  many remote parts of India using Solar System. While Gurudev imparts the highest Knowledge to the world to bring Light to people’s lives, we at SSRDP, are electrifying India with Solar Power and are therefore, trying to bring forth, the little pieces of joy, make the smiles lengthy and the laughter visible.

Dispelling darkness through people’s lives, in all manners, is our primary goal. The center provides training to rural youth on solar energy, which is getting traction from renewable energy market. It, further creates job opportunities for the skill sets, being trained at the center.

Become Industry-Ready and Build Career in a sector that is expected to generate ~3 Lakh jobs in 2 years