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Mindfulness – Based Intervention
Towards Community Development
Our Mission Towards
A Transformed Rural India
Empowering Women
Empowering youth with
Excellent Job Opportunities
Technical and Vocational
Skill Development

Our Mission Towards a
Transformed Rural India

One World Family

Mindfulness – Based Intervention
towards Community Development

Making skills An Art

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Empowering our Nation

Our vision lies at the heart of rural empowerment i.e. to empower the economically challenged, through best practices, environmentally sustainable technology and human values. India lives in her villages and we cannot rise to our true potential as a country without a fundamental transformation in the lives of people in rural India. At SSRDP we believe that the partnership of rural India with corporates, young urban India, the Government and other foundations is the key to create a long- lasting change for good.

Our Mission

To create a permanent and long lasting change among lives of 1 million people in rural India in next 5 years.

Skill Development
Skill Development Initiative work with special focus on ethical leadership, life skills and technical capabilities that can empower individual in rural precincts.
Light a Home
Light a Home is an on-going campaign to bring clean and affordable lighting solutions to un-electrified homes and villages in India and in Nepal.
Spreading awareness by conducting Health and hygiene camps in rural precincts, Establishing Waste Management centres, medical camps and constructing houses, Toilets, bore-wells & Water bodies rejuvenation.

Project Kisaan

This initiative aims to improve the economic conditions of small farm holders by addressing the issue of small and fragmented land holdings, through forming a Farmers Producer Organization.

Other Projects

Natural Building



The 5H program aims at ensuring that every rural area/village has Homes for the homeless, Health care, Hygiene, Human Values and Harmony in diversity. The 5H catalyses social transformation that aims to eradicate poverty, misery, disease and ensure peace and harmony in rural and tribal areas worldwide.

Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)

The Youth from the local Community undergo the Youth Leadership training Program (YLTP). The Program enables confidence, motivation and abilities to initiate and lead service projects on their own.

Strong Spiritual Foundation

Only a strong spiritual foundation brings self-esteem and a self confidence that is unshakeable. It is this combination of spirituality, with skills and leadership training that ensures the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of our programmes.

Long - lasting & Effective Development

With 2 decades of development programmes, our approach has positively impacted millions of individuals and various sections of communities at the grassroots level leading towards a self-reliant India, both socially and economically.



Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation, has united people from all walks of life, transcending beyond race, religion, economic or social status, and nationalities. This community, spread across 156 countries, has created a one-world spiritual family. He has inspired a global phenomenon and a movement of caring, sharing, service through promoting development and progress across
communities through diverse humanitarian projects.

Changemakers Speak


Tushar Mahajan & Mayur Chaudhari

Solar Installer Training

We underwent the training for “Solar PV Installer” conducted by SSRDP. Now in partnership we run our own Solar Technology Company, “Sri Sri Solar Solutions”, with 7 branches across Maharashtra and a turnover Rs. 15 Lakhs within a year of starting.

Nasima Bi

Tailor Skills Training

I am Nasima Bi from Koppal, Karnataka, with 4 children to support. With the help of “Self Employed Tailor” training facilitated by SSRDP, I started a cloth bag tailoring unit, employing 15 workers. Today, even after paying each worker Rs. 200 as daily wages, I save at least Rs. 15000 each month for myself.

Aarti Singh

Aarti has been associated with Light a Lamp for the longest. When she joined as a little girl 9 years ago, she was very poor in the English language. However, with perseverance, hard work, and the guidance of her teachers, she has progressed to becoming one of the most fluent speakers of the language. She also assisted in the scripting and directing of an English play. She is now pursuing graduation at Sri Sri University, Odisha, having achieved 87% in the 12th std board exams.

Jayprakash Rai

For over 5 years, Jayprakash has been a dedicated student at Light a Lamp’s Spoken English classes. He also underwent several Health and Spirituality workshops, witnessing his personality shine over the years. In the 12th standard board exams, he scored over 75% and set an example for his peers. With very limited financial backing and no guidance at all from his family, this was an admirable feat. He is now pursuing graduation and aims to prepare for civil service examinations.

Prison Inmate
Beautician Training Program, Tihar Jail, Delhi
I am very happy as I feel that after undergoing this training program, new doors have opened for me, and I will get a job once I am released. I am extremely grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, for all he has done for us.
Prison Inmate

Beautician Training Program

It has made a big difference in my life. I feel much stronger now. I am now empowered to earn my own living. Now I know that I will never have to steal to earn my living