Waste is one of the largest Urban challenges faced by Indians today. Hygiene, Sanitation, Quality of Living & Pollution Levels largely depend on Waste Management Quality in Urban and Rural Environments.
Urban Pollution & Waste is growing at an unprecedented rate, growing into one of the greatest challenges faced by civic society today. It is one of the greatest threats to the planet and impact in unprecedented ways.
With a vision to have a holistic approach towards waste management, we wish to adopt a sustainable and holistic approach to waste management. With key focus on awareness & education, eliminating waste at source through 3Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) and adopting a de-centralized approach, we look forward to effective management of waste.

Our Approach

Waste from the Temples is first segregated into organic & non-organic components. The organic waste is processed through a composting plant into high quality soil conditioning fertiliser. The sales proceeds of the fertiliser make the Project viable. Local youth get opportunity of employment through these projects.


* To increase awareness on Waste Management, Disposal & Segregation.
* To reduce and eliminate waste at source along with building sustainable usage practices.
* To improve health & hygiene for society at large. To improve the quality of life in civic society.

Key Indicators

Waste Management


Installed Capacity At Temples

Machine Installed


Locations In India

In Temples


Locations In India

Municipal Corporations


Locations In India

Current Project Locations

  Management Projects SSRDP
Sr. No.Name of TempleYear of LaunchCapacity in Kgs
1Dakshineshwar Temple2015200
2Kamakhya Temple2016400
3Vindhyavashini Temple2016400
4Kashi Vishwanath Temple and 9 surrounding Temples2017700
5Krishna Math, Udupi20171000
6Tarapith Temple2018200
7Dargah Sarif, Ajmer20183000
8Swamimalai Temple20181000
9Drishneshwar Temple2019500
10Katil Temple, Mangalore2019500
11Kadri Temple, Mangalore2019100
12MangalaDevi Temple, Mangalore2019100
Municipal Corporations
Sr. No.Name of TempleYear of LaunchCapacity in Kgs
1Semmenchery, Chennai MunicipalCorporation2017500
2Ghazibad Municipal Market20181000
3New Delhi Municipal Council20181000

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