SSRDP community help and assistance..

a. Installation of Arsenic removal plants in Majuli Island district. We finally reached the target of installing five plants in the Majuli districts on 16th February. All of them are functioning efficiently. We have also encouraged the villagers to installed mini/ individual plants in their respective homes and hamlets. Our AOL volunteers will carry out periodic visits and maintenance work as appropriate. This will also include drinking water testing. The following villages and locations are benefited at Dakhinpat Satra, Harighat Rangali Bahar High School and 99 no Kothal Khua Kothomiya L.P. School, Village Kathamiya, Majuli. b. Community School Aid- A Tribal youth has constructed a semi permanent school building with hostel facilities for thirty tribal students both boys and girls in the historical village of Garbhanga,forty kilometers away from Guwahati. The village is without road, electricity, health facilities or any other community outfits. He had to do this with local community help and assistance. We visited the school at the end of the month of January and surveyed the basic needs of the school. Appropriate assistance like solar lights, cloths, food stuff and woolen blankets were provided. A small sum of Rupees 5000 was given to carry out maintenance work as required. We will be visiting them again at the beginning of the monsoon months. We have also established a hot link between us.

community aid

Nothing is impossible for the die hard, AOL volunteers from the AOL Hengrabari Center, Guwahati. They have proved this once again on 7th July, by delivery 700 kilos of food items, clothes, mosquito nets, soaps, paste/ tooth brushes and other essential items. The recipients were the makeshift school at the village Garbhanga, located on the mountain tops of the Rani Hills region. This was possible only after two failed attempts. Our sturdy volunteers, both boys and girls completed the task after five hours hardship and determination. Even the 4*4 wheels drive failed to negotiate the muddy track, under heavy rains and thunders. The school is surrounded by eleven Hamlets/ villages dominated by primitive Korbi Hill tribes. There are no roads, no water , no electricity or medical help even after 70 years of freedom . Community help is their only source of external help and assistance. We do carry out three large scale community assistance every year in this region. The school houses 40 boys and girls, all under aged (less than 10 years), neglected by their parents and the society. We packed aid material to last three months till the end of the Monsoon months.Our objective was to educate the children, to reduce hunger and alcoholism among the people. Our continuous visits and social contacts have already brought down the religious conversion rate among the tribal population. The villagers gladly accepted a framed photograph of Gurudev and installed the same in their school hall with pride and joy. The volunteers returned back to the base after 12 hours grueling walk and drive. Fortunately the wild herd of elephants did not bother them on this occasion.

Assam Flood Updates

All the districts in Assam continues to be under heavy flood water and in many places river Brahmaputra and its 92 tributaries are flowing above the danger mark. The situation is further aggravated by the release of major dam in the state of Bhutan. The water level is not coming down as expected. This is an unprecedented flood in the last 50 years. The root causes are unplanned and haphazard big dams in the catchment areas in the hilly regions. Otherwise the natural flood water recedes within 24-36 hours. We at AOL, Hengrabari Centre Guwahati is taking the lead once again on distribution of relief materials all over Assam step by step. We have already covered some parts of Kamrup Rural districts, Morigaon District, Bokakhat(particularly in Kaziranga). A major flood relief consignment has been moved to the island district of Majuli. We are also taking care of Arsenic Removal Plants installled by AOL in Majuli. We will continue to update you on the flood situation as and when required.Relief materials are coming from civilian sources and AOL as well. So far we have sent relief goods to 12000 people.